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Luxury Sleep Bubble Bath Bombs Gift Set for Men and Women

Luxury Sleep Bubble Bath Bombs Gift Set for Men and Women

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4.9 review star image 1042 ratings

5k+ bought in past month

Luxury Sleep Bubble Bath Bombs Gift Set for Men and Women

Luxury Sleep Bubble Bath Bombs Gift Set for Men and Women

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  • Calming Stress Relief aromas
  • Moisturize skin
  • XL- size bath bombs and Long lasting fizz
  • Leathery warm foaming bubbles
  • Luxury gift for you and your loved ones for all occasions

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    Sodium bicarbonate, shea butter, citric acid, sodium sulfate, organic natural pigment, epsom salt, organic chamomile essential oil and organic French lavender essential oil, organic olive oil and mineral water.

    How to use
    Fill approximately 10% of your bathtub with hot water. Place one bath bomb into the hot water and allow it to release all its aromatic molecules and nutrients into the bath. Gradually adjust the water temperature to reach your desired level of warmth. By following these instructions, you will enable the bath bomb to create longer-lasting foam and bubbles.
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    When to use your Bath Bombs?


    Before bedtime

    For a restful night's sleep.


    Before your skincare routine

    Deeply moisturizing.


    After a long day

    Unwind and improves your mood.


    Tomorrow starts with a good night of sleep

    Luxury Sleep Bubble Bath Bombs Gift Set for Men and Women

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    "The bath bomb set is relaxing and my wife enjoyed the surprise of me prepping the bath with this. I'm also thankful that this didn't leave any grim or slime afterwards."

    - Margot. D

    review star image

    "These are some of the largest bath bombs I've ever seen. Keep in mind they would be best for a longer bath session because the scent also lasts! Slept like a baby."

    - Chis. T

    review star image

    "I love the smell of lavender and it really helps to relax me and put me to sleep. My bathroom smelled like lavender long after my bath! Definitely recommend!"

    - Edna. D




    Reduces stress



    Promotes deep sleep

    Our customer's experience


    reported feeling more calm and relaxed


    reported falling asleep 30 minutes after bath


    reported having hydrated and moisturized skin

    Why buy from us?


    Cruelty-free and vegan.


    HandMade in small batches with love and care.


    Ideal for gifting.

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    1. How do I use these bath bombs for the best experience?

    To fully enjoy our Luxury Sleep Bubble Bath Bombs, simply drop one into your warm bathwater and watch it fizz. As it dissolves, it releases a soothing combination of Lavender, which relaxes and soothes, promoting tranquility and restful sleep, and Chamomile, which comforts and eases tension with its gentle and calming aroma. Relax and embrace the calming and sleep-inducing bath experience.

    2. What are the benefits of using these bath bombs for my skin and overall well-being?

    Our Luxury Sleep Bubble Bath Bombs offer a tranquil and sleep-promoting bath experience. Lavender relaxes and soothes, providing tranquility and promoting restful sleep. Chamomile comforts and eases tension with its gentle and calming aroma, creating a serene atmosphere. These bath bombs are designed to enhance your self-care routine and provide a calming and sleep-inducing bath experience.

    3. What are the key ingredients in this bath bomb?

    The key ingredients in our Luxury Sleep Bubble Bath Bombs are: Lavender: Relaxes and soothes, promoting tranquility and restful sleep. Chamomile: Comforts and eases tension with its gentle and calming aroma.

    4. Is this suitable for all skin types?

    Yes, our bath bombs are formulated to be gentle and suitable for most skin types. However, if you have sensitive skin or specific skin conditions, it's recommended to perform a patch test before using them extensively.

    5. When is the best time to use this Luxury Sleep Bubble Bath Bombs for optimal results?

    These Luxury Sleep Bubble Bath Bombs are best used when you're looking to promote restful and tranquil sleep. The combination of Lavender and Chamomile makes them perfect for unwinding before bedtime, creating a calming and soothing bath experience. Enjoy them whenever you desire a peaceful night's sleep and a restful escape in your bath.

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